CfP Boccaccio und die Frauen

Call for Papers, Italienisch

Boccaccio and Women

We invite proposals for articles about Boccaccio and Women. Comparative and interdisciplinary approaches are welcome.

It is not only about medieval gender studies, but in a broad perspective about debating the role of women in the work of Giovanni Boccaccio:

  •  e.g. the female members of the Brigata and the female characters in the Decameron,
  • the biographies of famous women in De mulieribus claris,
  • women or subjects like Fiammetta/Maria d’Aquino,
  • misogyny/love discourse in Corbaccio,
  • Biancifiore in Filocolo,
  • Emilia in Teseida or
  • Cressida in Filostrato,
  • the nymphs in La caccia di Diana and Ninfale fiesolano,
  • love poetry in the Rime etc.

The texts will be published as a special journal issue of Romanische Studien, a new German reviewed Online-Journal of Romance Studies. Articles may be published in English, German, Italian and any other of the Romance languages.

Submission deadline will be Automn 2014, to be sent to Kai Nonnenmacher.


Abbildungen: John William Waterhouse, A Tale from Decameron, 1916, Lady Lever Art Gallery, Liverpool.
Botticelli, Il banchetto nel bosco, Prado, Madrid

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